4-14-2013 DAY 99 AT SEA

Really busy day at sea!  I had my hair cut, etc. at 8 a.m.  I decided toP1160891 take a picture of where the salon is and what the view is from there – who would ever want to leave!  It is so peaceful, and today the sea was so calm – looked more like a lake than an ocean!

After that I took care of a few things around the ship and visited with some friends.  I also realized that I wanted to get some pictures before the end of the cruise when I’ll be more rushed.  So, I not only tookP1160901 pictures of Eddie’s (the florist) latest creations, but also some of the staff.  This picture is one of my favorite arrangements using the horns as vases (since we just left Africa, it was right on target!)   Doug and I met back in the room to go to the lecture.  However, I decided to work on my Blog instead.  Doug went on to hear about Europe’s relative decline in global power and the reasons for it.  He said it was good.

We had a very pleasant lunch in the dining room again – we really enjoy it – not the same hustle and bustle of the Lido – a nice change of pace. 

We had originally planned to go see the movie Django Unchained at 2 p.m. but Doug said that when he walked the deck (for an hour today!)P1160916 he decided it was too pretty to stay inside – so we went out on deck 3 and read and talked to friends who were doing their walking.  The sea was so calm today – it looked like a lake all day long.  It was so pleasant. 

We then decided to go see the 3 p.m. Filipino Crew Show.  They do this once on the World Cruise – and it’s done totally by our crew from the Philippines.  They did a first rate job today beginning with very professional looking program, to great costumes and great dance routines and singing.  It was wonderful.  It’s hard to imagine how they find time to practice for such a performance when they work so hard all over the ship.  These are a few pictures from their performance.  The first is the Candle Light dance.  The second one is a man whose costume is half man with a suit and the other half a woman.  He turns to the side and sings either as a man or woman, depending upon which side is facing the audience.  You can’t see it in this picture but one leg has trousers and the other a dress slit up the side.  It was hysterical.  The third shows one of the more elaborate and colorful costumes.  And the last one is an example of the mountain people in the Philippines who were more tribal and fierce. 








We joined our group for cocktails before dinner – but didn’t have muchP1170021 time since we didn’t get down there until after 5 p.m.  I enjoyed a Singapore Sling tonight – tasted great!  I realize I keep referring to these 4 other friends, but have not included a picture of them.  So, from left to right is Jack, Charlie, Barbara, BJ, and of course, Doug!  It’s a fun group.   Dinner was the normal table group again and it was nice to have Barb and Charlie back tonight. 

After dinner we went to our travel agent’s farewell cocktail party from 7 – 8 p.m.  It was very pleasant and we enjoyed the people we talked to.   Ran into the guest chef as we were leaving and had a pleasant chat with him.  While he said he has been on cruise ships before to make presentations and cook, etc., he said he had a different feel on this one – more like he is entertainment.  We tried to explain to him why so many people left his demo at noon the other day – it was Trivia time, and people on this ship take that VERY seriously.  Nothing gets in the way of Trivia at noon.  He was amazed, but glad to understand.

Getting ready for our tender port tomorrow – St. Helena.  It was a fun day. 


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