Monthly Archives: February 2013

2-25-2013 Day 51 Fremantle/Perth, Australia

Most of today was a sea day since we didn’t arrive into Fremantle (the port for Perth) until 4 p.m.   So, I was able to enjoy some of my sea day activities.  One of my favorite things is Good Morning Amsterdam.  Not sure why I enjoy it so much, but I really do – usually […]

2-24-2013 Day 50 Albany, Australia

Albany is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia, predating Perth and Fremantle by two years.  It was founded in 1827 as a military outpost as part of a plan to slow and stop French ambitions in the region.  Until 1978 when the whaling station closed operations, whaling was important to Albany’s economy.  In […]

2-23-2013 Day 49 At Sea

Another hour back last night – we are starting to just get younger and younger since we keep going back in time! Missed my normal Good Morning Amsterdam because I had an early morning hair appointment.  This young woman is doing a great job with my hair and I’m very pleased.  Finished just in time […]

2-22-2013 Day 48 At Sea

Feeling really refreshed and rested after we gained 1 1/2 hours last night.  We are getting to close to a 12 hour time difference between where we are currently in the world and where our family and friends are.  Good Morning Amsterdam had two of the ship’s photographers as the guests this morning.  It was […]

2-21-2013 Day 47 Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island after Tasmania and Melville and is only 9 miles away from the mainland of South Australia across the Investigator Strait.  It is 93 miles long and 35 miles wide. Without the tourists, the island has a population of about 4,500 people, mostly in the largest town of Kingscote […]

2-20-2013 Day 46 Adelaide, Australia

Today we didn’t arrive into Adelaide until about 10 a.m. and since there was not much to the  “sail in” we slept late and had a late breakfast before heading off the ship for our tour.  We were docked in the industrial harbor, so it was a 25 minute shuttle bus ride into the city […]

2-19-2013 Day 45 At Sea

Except for a huge afternoon glitch with the computer, this was the perfect sea day for me.  And Doug said he had a really pleasant day as well – very relaxing. My sea days are usually really busy in the mornings – with too many things I want to do in the same time slot, […]