Monthly Archives: January 2013

1-27-2013 Day 23 Papeete, Tahiti

Today we went to the first of the three French Polynesian islands we would visit.  Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia located on the island of Tahiti.  It is famous for its beaches, pearls and tropical fruit.  The captain had forecast the day before that today would probably be a wet, rainy day, but […]

1-26-2013 Day 22 Day at sea

  Last night I ended with a picture of an interesting sky with the full moon.  I was up really early this morning and took this picture from the back of the ship of the sunrise.  It was really beautiful.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  Another routine day at sea – I think […]

1-25-2013 Day 21 At sea

Another day at sea!  This is one of the longest stretches we have between ports – 5 sea days in a row.  So, much of the routine is the same.  Did learn how to make the “original” Caesar salad dressing.  Barb & Charlie (current dining mates), Doug, and I had lunch with our dining mates […]

1-15-2013 day 11 travel day from cusco to lima

Up at 4 a.m. again to be ready to meet our van to take us for our early morning flight from Cusco to Lima to meet back up with our ship.  Only today I felt better and Doug was the one with some health issues.  He woke up feeling pretty bad and realized that without […]

1-24-2013 Cruising of Pitcairn Island

Happy Birthday Doug!!!!    The most important thing that could happen today was to celebrate Doug’s birthday on the ship.  While we had part of his celebration with our table last night – with cake and song – today is his actual birthday.  So, we began it as we would have at home – with […]

1-23-2013 Day 19 At sea

Set the clock backs again last night, so maybe that is why I am waking up earlier.  This morning at 4 a.m. I looked out our window and there was a beautiful moon and so many bright stars.  So, finally at 5 I got up to go check them out.  Took my iPhone with the […]

1-22-2013 Day 18 At Sea

Last night we began the process of turning back our clocks an hour.  We will be doing this for the next few days to get back on regular time.  We had to wait until after Easter Island which is on Chile time (since they are a territory of Chile.)  It was nice to get an […]