It was still dark outside when we woke up.  But we could see the lights of Ft. Lauderdale and we were docked by 6 a.m. –  back where we started four months ago.  And as we did every morning, we turned on the Channel on the TV that told us the time, date, temperature, and […]

On January 5th, the first day our world adventure began, day 115 seemed light years away.  And even now, it’s hard to believe that this is our last day at sea.  In the Daily Explorer, the paper we receive every day that lists  the day’s events and important information for that day, there was a […]

Things are winding down and we are in the middle of many “lasts.”  This morning I went to my last Good Morning Amsterdam.  It was kinda sad because it will be the last one Bruce, the cruise director, does on this ship.  He has served on 18 Grand World Voyages, 9 as Music Director (he […]

Happy Birthday, Captain Jonathan Mercer!  The Captain may have been celebrating most of the day, but this was our pack day.  I did go to Good Morning Amsterdam and enjoyed Barbara’s “flag trivia.”  In all of her presentations about all the ports we went to, she always showed us the flag of that country and […]

One of the trademarks of our Captain is that he is never late.  And even with the three hour delay leaving Devil’s Island, he had us in Castries, St. Lucia right on schedule.  We came from the southern part of the island and sailed north toward Castries, the capital and main city on the island.  […]

Last night we set our clocks back an hour – the last time we will do this.  We are now back where we started on Eastern time, and hour by hour we have gained back the day we “lost” back in Feb. when we crossed the International Date Line. Today was a busy day.  This […]

Doug and I had been to this port a few years ago when we took our Amazon River cruise.  It is the only port that required Yellow Fever shots.  (Fortunately they are good for 10 years so we didn’t need to get another one before this trip!) I remember really liking this island for its […]