4-13-2013 DAY 98 AT SEA

A relaxing day at sea.  We have a new guest chef on board – Chris Smith, sometimes called the diabetic chef.  He is health conscious since he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 27 years old.  So, he spent much of his life finding ways to prepare foods that were healthy but also flavorful and easy to prepare.   He described this during Good Morning Amsterdam where he was the guest.

We only have a few ports left, and the next two are ones I wasn’t familiar with so I went to hear Barbara’s talk on them.  St. Helena and Ascension are the two Atlantic islands we will be tendering to (weather permitting.)  As she said they are so small, “dots in the Atlantic.”  I’m not sure exactly why we are going to these since there is little to see and do, but the first one is a pretty, volcanic island where Napoleon was exiled and buried, so there is some historical interest here.  But he was exiled here because of the island’s remoteness, not because of the beauty! 

I went to the cooking demo with Chris Smith and picked up a few P1160868pointers about grilling.  He made veggie quesadillas with pesto sauce.  He spent most of his time talking about the sauce – which was tasty and healthy. 

Doug had a very interesting experience before lunch.  He has been meeting with a group of secular humanists to find out more about their beliefs, etc.  We had met one of the members early on in the cruise and really liked her.  She is travelling alone and told us how her husband died just a year ago after a long battle with cancer.  Today, she had a short ceremony for him at the bow of the ship with a small group of people (including the captain and his wife.)  The saxophone player from the ship played a couple of songs that her husband had liked.  At the end of the ceremony, she threw his ashes into the sea.  Then everyone took some flower petals and threw those in afterwards.  Doug said it was simple and done with great respect.  He felt honored to be part of it all.

This afternoon was “catch up” with the check book, e-mails, etc.  It was nice not to feel rushed or pressured to be somewhere doing something.

Dinner was formal night (AGAIN!) and since Barb and Charlie were eating with our 2010 tablemates (Elaine and LaVar), we dined with just our newer table mates – John and Arlene.  The theme was Chef Night. 

After dinner, we dragged out the game I had given Doug for his birthday on the ship and played that for a while.  I fell asleep reading and since we turned our clocks back another hour, that meant I was asleep by 8 p.m.  I had not been sleeping well, so I was pretty tired and ready for bed.  It was an easy, laid back and pleasant day.


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