Monthly Archives: April 2013

4-22-2013 DAY 107 AT SEA

When I looked at today’s schedule last night, I checked off many things I wanted to do today.  However, after going to Good Morning Amsterdam and the talk Barbara gave about what to see and do in Devil’s Island, I was done with planned activities!   Doug and I enjoyed another nice lunch in the dining […]


At last we made it across the Atlantic Ocean to another continent on this journey – South America, and specifically Brazil.  Brazil shares a border with every country in S. America except for two – Chili and Ecuador –  and has a population of over 200 million. Today we docked in Fortaleza, the capital of […]

4-20-2013 DAY 105 AT SEA

Another hour of sleep!  Today was a pretty typical sea day for us.  I was able to see Tom (the Techspert) about fixing my elephant video so half of it is not on its side!  He also fixed it so I can send it in an e-mail when I get home.  It is a great […]

4-19-2013 DAY 104 AT SEA

Another extra hour of sleep last night.  We are making up that one day time difference hour by hour!  Now we are only a few hours ahead of the east coast of the USA.  Today Barbara told us about what to see and do in Belem, our second and last port in Brazil.  I didn’t […]

4-18-2013 DAY 102 AT SEA

We gained that extra hour of sleep last night, and we always enjoy that – especially after being up late last night.  I hadn’t walked the deck in a while so I enjoyed doing that before it got too hot.  Was also able to get in a load of laundry before going to breakfast and […]

4-17-2013 DAY 102 Georgetown, ASCENSION ISLAND

Ascension Island is even smaller than St. Helena Island where we were two days ago.  And Barbara described that as a “dot in the Atlantic.”  The island is 700 miles from St. Helena and part of the mid Atlantic range of volcanic islands.  Georgetown is the only real community on the island which is mainly […]

4-16-2013 DAY 101 AT SEA

This is our one sea day between the two small islands in the Southern Atlantic that our travel guide on the ship has described as “dots” in the ocean.  We have been fortunate that the seas have been calm for the most part. In our daily Explorer (which is the daily info sheet we get […]