Maybe it was all the fresh air yesterday or just not sleeping as well lately, but last night I slept like a baby.  When I looked out our cabin window when we got up, I was a bit surprised to see the ocean water was still all brown (like the Amazon River.)  Our captain explained […]

Today we arrived at our second and last port in Brazil.  It was a very different kind of day than the city tour we had in Fortaleza.  We took the ship’s tour that went on a riverboat ride,  followed by a hike in the jungle.  First some quick facts about Belem: the southern channel of […]

When I looked at today’s schedule last night, I checked off many things I wanted to do today.  However, after going to Good Morning Amsterdam and the talk Barbara gave about what to see and do in Devil’s Island, I was done with planned activities!   Doug and I enjoyed another nice lunch in the dining […]

At last we made it across the Atlantic Ocean to another continent on this journey – South America, and specifically Brazil.  Brazil shares a border with every country in S. America except for two – Chili and Ecuador –  and has a population of over 200 million. Today we docked in Fortaleza, the capital of […]

Another hour of sleep!  Today was a pretty typical sea day for us.  I was able to see Tom (the Techspert) about fixing my elephant video so half of it is not on its side!  He also fixed it so I can send it in an e-mail when I get home.  It is a great […]

Another extra hour of sleep last night.  We are making up that one day time difference hour by hour!  Now we are only a few hours ahead of the east coast of the USA.  Today Barbara told us about what to see and do in Belem, our second and last port in Brazil.  I didn’t […]

We gained that extra hour of sleep last night, and we always enjoy that – especially after being up late last night.  I hadn’t walked the deck in a while so I enjoyed doing that before it got too hot.  Was also able to get in a load of laundry before going to breakfast and […]