4-28-2013 DAY 113 AT SEA

Happy Birthday, Captain Jonathan Mercer! 

The Captain may have been celebrating most of the day, but this was our pack day.  I did go to Good Morning Amsterdam and enjoyed Barbara’s “flag trivia.”  In all of her presentations about all the ports we went to, she always showed us the flag of that P1190754country and explained its meaning.  We saw many, many interesting flags over the course of the 115 day journey.  She ends every year with a flag contest where she flashes a picture of a flag and the passengers have to guess which country it represents.  The tricky part is, she also shows flags of countries that were not on this itinerary but where Holland America goes.  It was fun and a great review of some beautiful flags.

Suitcases, boxes, clothes, souvenirs, etc. – that was what we looked at all day.  We could barely walk around our cabin it was so full and cluttered with “stuff!”  But we made good progress.

At 5:30 we had our last dinner with Barb and Charlie and BJ and Jack – a final reunion – in the Canaletto.  So, it was a great Italian meal and Doug enjoyed his cotton candy once again at the end!  We have really enjoyed our four months with this group.  We P1190762knew Barb and Charlie from 2010, they met BJ and Jack when they did the 2011, and we met BJ and Jack on this 2013 voyage.  We will miss our little group and all the fun we had together.

After dinner we went to the photo shop and picked out the pictures we were going to buy from the file we had started on Day 1.  They will be great memories.

We managed to go sideways around all the suitcases to get to bed – but felt good about what we had accomplished today. 


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