4-26-2013 DAY 111 AT SEA

Last night we set our clocks back an hour – the last time we will do this.  We are now back where we started on Eastern time, and hour by hour we have gained back the day we “lost” back in Feb. when we crossed the International Date Line.

Today was a busy day.  This was Adele’s last day to host Good Morning Amsterdam with Bruce since she will be getting off theP1190570 ship tomorrow at our last port – St. Lucia.  She was supposed to be on until Ft. Lauderdale, but since she is flying back to S. Africa, there were some issues that caused her to leave from St. Lucia rather than a U.S. port.  It was a “teary” farewell.

After that I went up to see the 165 blankets that our passengers knitted for Project Linus (a Seattle organization that provides P1190574blankets and hats for local Seattle hospitals.)  It was quite a colorful sight to see so many – and a great tribute to our knitters who spent many hours on sea days to make this possible.  I tried to participate early on and realized that I am all thumbs and not a “crafty” person.  So, I only donated my yarn to the cause. 

At 11:15 I went to the Chris Smith’s last culinary demonstration. The topic was “how to sautéed” and he showed us how to prepare sautéed pork chops with apples and sautéed chicken with a chiveP1190577 sauce.  He is a great chef – my favorite this year.  He is really passionate about cooking and wants to share this with all of us.  He also mainly cooks healthy, easy to prepare dishes.  

For lunch, Doug and I went up to the Lido deck for our last Mongolian Cookout – it was delicious as always. 

At 1 p.m I went back to the Culinary Center to watch Eddie, the florist, show us how to make centerpieces combining veggies and flowers.  Here are a few.  The first one is using red peppers (he would P1190579have preferred orange to match the Bird of Paradise, but P1190583the kitchen was low on fresh veggies and fruit at P1190586this late date in the cruise . . and is waiting until Ft. Lauderdale to re-stock.)  The next uses zucchini with the bright yellow sunflowers. The last one was my favorite using the outer leaves of cabbage and then contrasting green flowers in the center. 

After that, we spent the rest of the afternoon starting to pack up all the “treasures” we purchased during the past four months. It’s amazing how much we had tucked away and are now just finding again! It’s a bit like Christmas.

The highlight of the day was the last Murder Mystery Dinner.  This was a new script for Bruce who just finished writing it last week!  It was his best ever.  The theme was a cruise line company exclusively for seniors 65 and up.  Since it does not have a mandatory retirement age, the crew are “seasoned citizens” as well.  Tonight was the yearly 3-day “Crew Cruise” to say thanks to all the crew members.  The ship hosting this event was the ms Hysterectomy.  This gives a background flavor for what was to come!  As crew guests, we all had to wear a nametag with our crew name and ship function.  Doug was Hardly Davidson and he was the Scooter Racing Instructor whose motto was  – “You too can Haul Ass!”  I was Dee Penz, head of the Adult Diaper Service, whose motto was “We Handle your Load.”

For the first time, Bruce had the Captain and Hotel Director participate as the cast of characters.  The Captain was Captain Barge Gaspasser; the Hotel Director was Hilton LaQuinta.  TheyP1190615 came in costume and were the hit of the evening.   After cocktails, we went to the Pinnacle Grill for a delicious dinner and an incredibly hilarious evening.  Here is Henk, the Hotel Director, being questioned as to his motives in P1190627the murder by Bruce.  Henk had these funny white glasses and walked ever so slowly on this walker – even did a Michael Jackson “moonwalk” going backwards.  And here is our Captain with is ever so short trousers and white socks and sailor shirt.  He playedP1190638 his part so well, constantly waving his arms behind him as he “passed gas.”  It was also the first time that the restaurant’s servers were out watching the fun and couldn’t help from joining in on all the laughter.

We were happy to be seated with Lucille and Bill once again – have had such a fun time being with them at all these Murder Mystery dinners.  We just laugh and laugh and have such a fun time together. 

It was a great sea day.  And tomorrow we arrive in our last port before heading back home. 


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