4-24-2013 DAY 109 AT SEA

Maybe it was all the fresh air yesterday or just not sleeping as well lately, but last night I slept like a baby.  When I looked out our cabin window when we got up, I was a bit surprised to see the ocean water was still all brown (like the Amazon River.)  Our captain explained that the force of the Amazon River forces fresh water 200 plus miles into the Atlantic.  So, we were still within those miles. 

Good Morning Amsterdam centered on health today with both guests from the Greenhouse Spa.  Scott talked about exercise (he is the head of the fitness center) and the other young woman spoke about the benefits of massage.  It was interesting.

Barbara, the travel guide, gave her last talk about upcoming ports since St. Lucia will be our last port of call on this voyage.  Things are really starting to wind down and you can see/feel it all over the ship.  But, I think St. Lucia will be a great way to end this trip with its sunny climate and such a beautiful island with many different things to see and do.

We had a “last lunch” with Elaine and LaVar and Barb and Charlie in P1190090the dining room.  It was good that all six of us were able to have the time together before going our separate ways in just a week.

P1190094After lunch I went to take pictures of the water since it was P1190095now becoming a mix of the fresh water Amazon and the salty Atlantic so the blues and browns made interesting patterns in the water.  I could have stayed and watch this change all day! 

However, I had some computer work to do and BJ was going to teach me a few more things about how to work with my pictures.  She is a great help and really knows about Apples.  I was so grateful today because I was afraid I had lost all my pictures in albums in the trash, but she found them for me!  Phew!  When I get home, I need to spend some time re-organizing and sorting through my thousands upon thousands of pictures.

Today was the Mariner’s Appreciation Cocktail party before dinner.  It was also formal night, so everyone looked great gathered together in the Queen’s Lounge for drinks and appetizers before the program.  Guests who had just received their new medallions had their names read aloud and had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the Captain and Hotel Director.  We are about 25 days short of the next medallion (silver for 300 sail days) so guess we will have to plan another Holland America trip!

All of our dinner companions had earned their new medallions!  And the menu was great because it was formal night.  I enjoyed my escargot and lobster.  Won’t be having that much longer!

While we were dining we could see the full moon rising in the sky.  Our table is at the back of the dining room and right at the window so we look out at the wake every evening and can see what we just passed.  So, after dinner we went up to the Lido deck poolside P1190106and took pictures of the full moon with the clouds passing over it at times.  It was really pretty.  We also could see the lights of the smaller fishing boats out in the ocean.  The tiny white dot in my picture that looks like it is sitting on the water line is one of those boats.

When we returned to our room, we were surprised to find another formal night gift since last night we were given two more Steiff teddy bears, only these were larger and in their own little suitcases for travel!  Tonight we received the traditional last gift – the china plate with the Ms Amsterdam in the middle and the names of all our ports of call around the rim.  I think it was actually prettier than the one we received on our 2010 cruise.  It is a great memory to be sure.

This was our “last Wednesday” on our trip.  But we have some fun things to look forward to for the next six days before we get off the ship.  So, that is what I will be focusing on! 


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