4-20-2013 DAY 105 AT SEA

Another hour of sleep! 

Today was a pretty typical sea day for us.  I was able to see Tom (the Techspert) about fixing my elephant video so half of it is not on its side!  He also fixed it so I can send it in an e-mail when I get home.  It is a great short clip of a male elephant giving us warning signals before the mother and baby came out from behind a tree.  

Doug went to the lecture about the workings of our Embassy system.  He has enjoyed this speaker’s series of lectures.  They are very up to date.

Another great lunch for two in the dining room!

But the highlight of the day was the Indonesian Crew Show.  And our head table steward, Benny, was the director of the whole show.  In addition, he was the piano player.  It was fantastic and these crew members who work so hard to take care of us day in and day out without time off stayed up until 2 and 3 a.m. to practice this show for us.  WOW!  That is dedication.  There was a lot of singing and dancing with colorful costumes and always great smiles!  Here are a few pictures of this show.








The first picture is one of the Pinnacle Grill’s staff, Tina, who is lovely and a great singer! She also was in charge of the Indonesian dinner we had in that dining room a while back when we were in that part of the world, so I know she is also a great cook!  If you look closely behind the orange umbrella is Benny playing the piano.  The second picture is a soldier’s dance.  The third is one of my favorite songs they perform called the “Thousand Hand Dance.”  They all wear white gloves and then sing and move their hands in patterns that constantly change.  I have a video of it – it’s hard to describe the complexity of it.  The fourth is part of the Kecak Ramayana Dance with good vs. evil as the theme.  This shows the evil character in a great costume!  And the last picture shows the whole cast singing the last song where they also play the special Indonesian instrument, the Angklung.  It was a great program. 

We had dinner with Elaine and LaVar, some of our tablemates from the 2010 cruise.  It was enjoyable, and we ended up being the last ones out of the dining room. 

Even though we are getting an extra hour of sleep again tonight, we didn’t feel like staying up for the evening’s entertainment. 


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