4-19-2013 DAY 104 AT SEA

Another extra hour of sleep last night.  We are making up that one day time difference hour by hour!  Now we are only a few hours ahead of the east coast of the USA. 

Today Barbara told us about what to see and do in Belem, our second and last port in Brazil.  I didn’t appreciate how far we would have to travel to get to the town of Belem.  Our boat will anchor and then we will tender to the pier and then drive on a bus for an hour to Belem.  And that is all before we start our tour on a tributary of the Amazon River! 

This morning I went to the cooking demonstration with my favorite ship’s chef – Chris Smith.  Today he made two tomato soup dishes – P1180055one was a broth base and one was a puree.  We sampled the P1180054broth one which was Chicken Tortellini.  He put smoked peppers and roasted root vegetableP1180056s that had been cooked and chopped up fairly well on top of the puree.  I learned a few new cooking techniques today which will help me with all my cooking! 

Doug and I had lunch in the dining room – again!  We decided we really enjoy our lunches there and wish we had done more of them early on in the cruise!

I played duplicate bridge today after a long lapse of not playing.  It was fun.  Since both my partner and I made a mistake in remembering what was trump (at two different tables) I’m thinking I probably need to play more often!  And even with that, we didn’t come in last!

Tonight was not only formal night, but also the last Ball of the cruise.  P1180058Since Doug and I haven’t been to any of them, it wasn’t such P1180064a sad thing!  They don’t even start until 10 p.m. and then it’s a bit silly with lots of games and prizes (I’ve heard this from a lot of people who have attended.)  The theme was Carnival (since we soon dock in Brazil) and the costumes and decorations both in the dining room and the Queen’s Lounge were brightly colored.  At each table there were colorful feathered boas for the ladies to wear – which we did until we realized theP1180075 feathers were going everywhere!  Here is a picture of our table mates – Barb and Charlie in the back, and then John and Arlene on the right.  Also, our table had more decorations in the middle which we removed while we ate.  It was P1180080much more colorful than this picture shows!  I went to the Queen’s Lounge to take a few pictures before the ball and saw they had even put these colorful feathered boas on the statues coming into the Lounge!

Looking forward to another sea day tomorrow.  We like them almost as much as port days!


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