4-18-2013 DAY 102 AT SEA

We gained that extra hour of sleep last night, and we always enjoy that – especially after being up late last night.  I hadn’t walked the deck in a while so I enjoyed doing that before it got too hot.  Was also able to get in a load of laundry before going to breakfast and then on to Good Morning Amsterdam at 9:30 a.m. – a very productive morning before it really even got started!

Learned a few new facts from the culinary guests on Good Morning Amsterdam.  I didn’t realize we have our own butcher on this ship, so we don’t have all our meat pre-packaged.  Also, learned that the new trend in dining is a healthier approach – lower salt and smaller portions are the new thing. 

Barbara spoke about our upcoming port – Fortaleza, Brazil.  I decided to change my excursion (which was a beach day) to join Doug’s which was a city day.  There is so much petty crime in this area that you are warned against leaving anything on the beach when you go into the water.  Since Doug and I weren’t going to be together, I wasn’t sure how that would work out . . and I know I couldn’t enjoy my ocean time if I had to worry about what was happening to my stuff back at the umbrella table!  Now I’ll be with Doug and also BJ and Jack on the city tour.

Went to a cooking demo with Kevin and learned to make Penne Alla Vodka and the dessert, Limoncello.  Both were good, and I hope to make both when I get home.  The Canaletto serves limoncello if you dine there, and I enjoyed it the last time I had it. 

Had another pleasant lunch in the dining room with Doug – they had Basa fish which we both decided was one of our favorites . . and hope we can find it back home.  Since we didn’t have an appetizer or dessert, we were out quickly!

While Doug had a haircut, I met with BJ who helped me with my computer which came to an almost crashing point a day or so ago.  Seems I have overloaded the capacity for all the pictures I have on it, so she showed me how to off-load some of them to make room for the rest of the cruise. 

Today the ship celebrated Holland America’s 140th anniversary with a special program in the Queen’s Lounge.  There was the longest line of people waiting for the doors to open.  You would have thought they P1170993were giving away money!  I went to take a couple of pictures, but ended up staying.  This is “the cake” they had talked about.  It was just a huge cardboard construction covered with chocolate frosting – inedible!  Seems like a waste of good chocolate to me.  Our cruise director, Bruce, is standing in front of it to show how big it was. They had tea time food/drink as well as champagne.  Since I knew there would be a lot of wine/champagne tonight for dinner, I passed. 

Tonight was another Mystery Dinner in the Pinnacle with the theme of Hammy Awards for soap operas.  Our names for the night were Jackson (Jack) Daniels, the recovering alcoholic and Ima Stealer, the closet kleptomaniac.  We were at the same table with Bill and Lucille P1180012again so it was a most pleasant night.  The script was very clever and funny as well.  The staff member who played “the Sexy Ingénue Lolita Lame was pretty amazing!  Her face is a bit blurry in this picture, but not many people were focused on her face!

Another good sea day!!!  [Every day is a good day on this trip Smile]


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