4-10-2013 DAY 94 AT SEA

Not much going on today.  Worked on my Blog since we only have one sea day until we get to Namibia.  Also went to Good Morning Amsterdam.  The interesting thing about today’s talk, (there were no guests) passengers described some of their adventures in the Cape Town area.  Many did private tours – one couple even went to an elephant orphanage.  So, note to self, if I’m ever lucky enough to be able to do another big trip like this, I need to do some serious research on possible things to see and do in the area (especially an area we’ve visited in the past!)

We have two new Explorations Speaker Series speakers.  I went to hear Ambassador Howard Walker whom I heard speak on our 2010 cruise.  He has amazing credentials and is a great speaker.  He didn’t disappoint.   And his topic was on target for where we are in the world.  He talked about how South Africa exerts International power and influence in five different arenas – geo-strategic, economic, political, military and moral.

We had high swells and white caps all day long  – although we didn’t P1160096P1160090think it was all that bad.  That is why being lower in the ship is a good thing – don’t feel that roll as much.  But I went out on deck 3 to take these pictures.  Without a perspective, it’s sometimes hard to see how big the swell is from a picture.  I can just say these were the largest we’ve had in a long time.  They also had tied down all the deck chairs! 

After a quick lunch, Doug and I went to see the afternoon movie – Zero Dark Thirty.  It was very interesting and we both liked it. 

Dinner was with all our tablemates tonight – first time in a while.  And after that we went to the show to hear Pops Mohamed & Friends.  Pops was the S. African lead instrumentalist and played a variety of the older African instruments and songs.  He wanted to stress his heritage.  He had a saxophone player who was excellent and another man who played an instrument similar to the guitar – just a slightly different sound.  The program sounded like “new age” African music.  We really enjoyed it. 

Earlier in the day, the captain announced that we would probably have rougher seas than we had today in the late night or early morning and we should put anything breakable down on the floor.  So, before we went to bed, we followed his advice and put things in the tub and on the floor.  The rolls usually put us to sleep!


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