4-6-2013 Day 91 At sea

Another recovery day.  When we woke up it was really foggy and the ship sounded its fog horn for a while in the morning.  Then it cleared up, but really cooled down.  We will have cold weather in Cape Town.

Spent all day completing my Kruger overland trip Blog.  There were so many pictures to go through (Doug took about 1,100 and I took over 900.)  D

Doug did a couple of things while I worked on the computer.  One of the things he went to was a Techspert class on Windows 8.  It helped him decide not to get it.

In addition to still feeling tired, I also didn’t feel very well today so I ate very little and very easy to digest. 

The highlight of the day was celebrating Bill’s birthday.  They invited us to join them in the Pinnacle for a birthday celebration dinner.  They also had us up to their suite for cocktails before dinner.  We had a great time and compared our African adventures – they went on a different overland trip to a different park.  We always enjoy our time with them – it always involves a lot of laughter and good stories.

At about 7:30 tonight, we sailed around the most southern part of Africa.  It was too dark and nothing really to see – so no pictures. The captain had announced earlier that we would be at that point at about that time tonight.

Tomorrow 200 passengers will be disembarking in Cape Town.  It will be nice not to have so many people – like it was in the beginning. 

No pictures for today’s entry. 


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