4-5-2013 Day 90 At Sea

This was a recovery day for us and we didn’t get up until after 9 a.m.  We needed that extra sleep.  For the first time I didn’t go my regular “sea day” activities.  I worked on my Blog and caught up with e-mails, etc.  I wasn’t feeling all that well, so it was a slow paced day.  I even took a short nap.

LunP1150168ch was a Dutch theme, so we tried their special mini pancakes.  Eddie, the florist, was in line in front of us and suggested butter and powder sugar.  Great tip!


Tonight was formal night with the theme of “Celebration.” Today the ship had declared it “Celebration Day” to collectively celebrate specialP1150170 moments in our lives.  Brightly colored hats and balloons were at our tables along with noisemaker horns.  We enjoyed our dinner with Barb and Charlie (our other tablemates were at the Captain’s dinner) catching up on the last three days. 

We went to the Ocean Bar after dinner to see Jack and BJ too.  We enjoyed hearing about their day safaris and all they saw.  We then went to the evening show – the Soweto Strings.  Doug was especially excitedP1020058 about this because he likes their music – an African strings quartet – and has some of their CDs.  He took this picture of them after the performance while they were still in their jackets!  After five minutes, I was really feeling badly so I went back to the cabin and got ready for bed.  I was sorry to have missed them because they were good – the little I heard. 

Then Doug took pictures for me of the Dessert Extravaganza which was presented on three decks around P1020054the clock tower.  It was huge and beautiful.  This picture is looking down from one deck to P1020064the next!  The other one is just a small sample of what the tables looked like.  It was announced it took 8 hours to make all of this, and it would take only 1 hour for it to be consumed. 

Looking forward to another recovery day tomorrow before we get to Cape Town. 


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