4-1-2013 Day 86 At Sea

Happy April Fool’s Day.  I have no pictures to share today because we mainly spent our day packing and getting everything in order for our departure tomorrow for two nights/three days in Kruger Park in S. Africa. 

As I turned my calendar to the next month this morning, I was aware that we only have one month left of this fantastic voyage.  On Jan. 5th, it seemed like it would be forever until the end of the trip.  For us it seems like our trip to Machu Picchu was another trip and so long ago.  We know these last days will go by very quickly.

The ship had several activities around the pool one of which was a “dunking for dollars” where you paid to dunk your favorite crew member.  The money went for a good cause – the Bernard Noordkamp Center in Namibia – it is a center for needy children who will actually come to our ship the last day we are in Walvis Bay to perform for us.  The ms Amsterdam does this every year. 

It was a rainy, overcast day and so I ended up playing bridge.  We didn’t do very well, but it was still fun.  I have a new, positive attitude about bridge on the ship now –  I just don’t care about the mean people any more.  I’m going to just ignore them and enjoy playing with my partner – no matter how poorly or how well we play!

All packed and ready for tomorrow’s big adventure!


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