3-31-2013 Day 85 EASTER AT SEA

Happy Easter!  There were many Easter activities on the ship today, beginning with a sunrise service.  While I didn’t make it to the service,P1140147 I was up to see the sunrise as I walked the deck.  It was beautiful with the clouds in amazing formations – a great Easter sunrise!

This was a “catch up” day for me.  I’m trying to get all ready for our two night/three day trip to Kruger Park for our safari.  It’s always the little things that need to be done!  And I spent lots of time catching up on my Blog.  Seems to have taken forever to write up Sri Lanka!  I had hoped to sit out on the deck and read for a while, but just ran out of time.

We have a little 8 year old on board for the entire cruise.  We know hP1140151is grandparents from the 2010 cruise, and so it was fun to meet their daughter and grandson this year.  He has been having such a good time – what a great “education” he has gotten outside the classroom.  Well, today was an exciting day for him – here he is at breakfast – such a cutie.

Doug and I went to lunch and because the line was so long inside, we P1140156decided to get something from the pool grill.  On the way, we luckily discovered an Indian buffet lunch – had not been advertised.  So, we really enjoyed that change of routine lunch.

Tonight was formal night, and when we came back from lunch, ourP1140159 formal night “gift” was waiting for us on our bed.  We each got a box of quality chocolate truffles and a Steiff bunny.  We received a similar gift on Valentine’s Day, and we managed to stretch out the chocolate for weeks!  So far, I haven’t had the first piece.

P1140166Enjoyed cocktail hour with Barb and Charlie before dinner.  And then enjoyed a traditional Easter ham dinner – after checking in with the Easter bunny!!  I usually don’t takeP1140171 pictures of my meals, but tonight’s appetizer of brie in a crispy phyllo with cranberry apple chutney was so delicious and beautifully served, I had to include it.  I’d love to be able to serve this as an appetizer at dinner parties!

It was a very nice day at sea, but I wish I could have talked to all my grandchildren to hear what the Easter bunny brought them and how many eggs they found on their Easter egg hunt. 

The day ended with a visit from a speP1140186cial bunny, thanks to our cabin stewards, Nugy and Budi.  We really appreciate the extra effort they took to end this day in such a fun way. 


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