3-29-2013 Day 83 AT Sea

We were really glad to have gotten an extra hour’s sleep last night.  We were both asleep before 8:30 p.m. and didn’t get up until after 7:30 this morning.  Guess after being out on the water yesterday, we were more tired than we thought. 

The new Amsterdam singers and dancers were the guests on Good Morning Amsterdam today.  Since I got there just minutes before it was to start, I had to stand – it is becoming really popular and you have to get there way early to get a seat! 

After that Doug and I had our preview meeting for all of us going on the Overland to Kruger National Park in Africa.  We had been given some info, but Leslie, our ship’s escort, filled us in on more details like what to pack (and what NOT to pack!), travel stuff, etc.  He is really terrific and has been so helpful to me with planning other HAL day shore excursions, I’m delighted he’ll be coming with us.   We are staying at the Lukimbi Safari Lodge and will be there two nights, three days – leaving April 2nd from Mozambique and returning to the ship in Durbin on the 4th.

At 11 a.m. I went to hear the new Explorations Speaker Series lecturer – George Sranko.  He spoke about the unique wildlife in Madagascar – our port tomorrow.  It was very interesting, and I learned a lot more about the lemurs who are only found there. 

Doug and I had a delightful lunch for two in the main dining room today.  Decided we didn’t want to fight the crowds in the Lido and had the time today to just relax and talk over a very nice lunch.

We then went to the jewelry show which featured the Le Monde travel memory globes.  They are gold or silver globes in differentP1130795 sizes to be worn as a pendant on a chain.  They have little jewels put in the places on the globe that are special to you.  It really is the perfect necklace for a world cruise. We had admired them on the 2010 cruise and wanted to check them out again.  They are VERY expensive so we are probably “just looking” again this year!  But they make a huge spectacle of it P1130797with champagne and a raffle drawing and then a cake decorated for the occasion – plus the shiny gold and silver outfits the staff wear!  But it was fun to learn how they are made, etc. 

Enjoyed some reading time on deck 3 again – very relaxing.  A little Blog time and then it was time for dinner.  It seems to come around sooner and sooner each day!  Enjoyed the time with our table mates. 

Our great ship’s florist, Eddie, has already put out some of his new creations.  He received a lot of new spring flowers from HollandP1130801 when we were in the Seychelles, so he is decorating the ship for Easter.  Here is an example.  It seems that feathers are part of all his new arrangements (bamboo was the standard element in his Asian creations.)

I then went to the Internet Manager in the library to finally learn how to make my pictures smaller to put them on Facebook – should have done that 3 months ago!  Well, at least now I know! 

They had a good movie tonight – The Impossible – about the tsunami in 2004.  Since we have been to several places on this cruise that were affected by it, I had wanted to see it. Guess I’ll have to rent it since my computer time took longer than I had planned. 

Yet another great sea day! 


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