3-26-2013 Day 80 At Sea

More sleep – set our clocks back another hour!

Doug and I have been getting up earlier and earlier to walk the deck before it gets too hot.  And with the extra sleep, it’s not so bad!  

Good Morning Amsterdam’s guest was Barbara, the travel guide.  She loves Africa, and since that is our new direction having left behind the Asian countries on our itinerary, she discussed some upcoming ports and just the wonder of Africa in general.

I then got to hear Barbara again when she and the Shore Excursions Manager, Irene, gave a talk about all the upcoming ports, up through our last one in St. Lucia.  This journey really is coming to an end, and as I type the “Day #”, I’m aware that the end is drawing closer and closer.  Sad smile

And we are still safe due to the 24 hour security watch patrol.  I P1130418feel sorry for our security officers – long hours and pretty boring without a pirate sighting.  But they are doing a fine job of keeping us safe, and for that, I’m grateful. 

Not much going on today so Doug and I spent part of the afternoon watching the ship’s movie – Skyfall – the newest James Bond movie.  It was a fun way to pass the time. 

After that, we both went out and read on the deck chairs.  This was one of the first times we had done this, and it felt so wonderful.  It was almost like being at the beach with the water lapping up against the side of the ship.  Very peaceful.  I hated to have to come in and get ready for yet another formal night. 

Tonight’s theme was “White Dinner” so you are supposed to wearP1130411 white.  The decorations were pretty and the food was P1130427very good.  Doug and I both had really good trout (we are trying really hard to do less red meat, even though it is especially good on this ship.) Here are Benny and Fiddy in their white.  Doug looked good in his tux with his white bow tie, but I had to settle for my black and kinda white sequins outfit – thus the picture of our great servers instead of us!

After dinner we went to hear Dale Kristien sing.  She was the star of Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for many years when it first opened.  She still has a very clear and great voice.  My granddaughter, Brittany, who loves anything musical would have been in heaven!

Before going to bed, I wanted to get a picture of the full moon.  It P1130436is especially pretty at sea when it normally casts a pretty light on the water as well.  Because I had to take it at the ship’s aft, I only got the ship’s wake as the light!  But here it is – peeking out from behind the clouds.

It’s an empty deck, but our security is still on guard (you have to look carefully at that small figure at the far end of the deck) –  and still no pirate sightings!!! P1130437


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