3-23-2013 Day 77 At Sea

Last night we set our clocks back 1 hour and 30 min. so we got extra sleep . . always a good thing.   Busy day, but not much worth reading/writing about – a lot of the same ol’, same ol’!

Morning: Good Morning Amsterdam, travel talk about what to see and do in the Seychelles, and a cooking demo by the new guest chef – George Geary.  I cooked with him in 2010 and saw him when he came to Sarasota the next year for a cooking demo for the Aprons Cooking School (part of our Publix grocery store’s program.)  So, it was fun to see him again.  He is famous for his cheesecakes, so that was what he made and the audience got a sample. 

Afternoon: Doug went to the 2 p.m. continued lecture series to hear Robert Schrire discuss “The Future – Bigger and Better.” The topic covered how we live in a global village.  With China and India ready to work for 10% of American wages, will workers in the West have jobs in the future?  In the end, Doug thought it was a bit superficial and didn’t go for it – and others who heard him agreed.

I spent the afternoon on my Blog for the most part.

Tonight’s dinner was a special Pinnacle Grill dinner . . The Flavors of Asia.  Once again, we had a great time with lots of laughter with Bill and Lucille who have become our Pinnacle tablemates for these themed dinners.  The first two courses were too spicy for Lucille and me, but she discovered that if you drank the champagne with it, it helped!  The salad was super – a Vietnamese chicken salad.  And the main courses were small portions of curried shrimp with coconut milk, diced chicken Hong Kong, and crispy lam in sesame.  All were delicious.  Dessert was a trio of crepes with sweetened coconut, a banana spring roll, and sushi rice with Adzuki beans.  Great combination of flavors.  The wines P1120752were particularly good.  I’m including them in case I lose my menu!  The white with the first courses was Gewurztraminer Hogue, Washington State 2011 and the red was Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, Oregon 2011.  The after dinner drink was too sweet for me.  It was a great and fun night.  The decorations were very fitting and included some of Eddie’s flower arrangements. 

We really enjoy these special dinners.  It was a great way to end the day.


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  1. Tauna: I see you will be in Mozambique soon….and are taking a safari tour of Kruger. Did you use the tour agency Todd recommended…or are you able to take one provided by the cruise? I just booked my ticket to visit them in July for 3 weeks…and we will be doing a drive-in safari tour in Kruger for several nights. With a 3-year old this is the easiest way. So……keep me in mind so you can give some advice/recommendations!!!
    Your blog is just wonderful….a great combination of history, pictures and your travel happenings…I love it! I would think by now….after 3 months…you would be anxious to get home!

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