3-22-2013 Day 76 At Sea

Today was a busy sea day.  Our future travel consultant, Char, was the guest on Good Morning Amsterdam.  It always surprises me how many people sign up with her for the next World Cruise or even the one in 2015 which has just become available. 

Doug went to hear the really good Explorations Speaker Series person again today.  Robert Schrire  discussed “The Future: Doom and Gloom?”  His topic was a bit broad including if humankind has a future in a world of terrorism, the rise of China, and climate change.  He laid out plausible reasons why each of these could be overwhelming problems in the future.  [In his next talk, he will discuss more positive scenarios for the future.]

While Doug was there, I went to the “Art of Flower Arranging” seminar given by the ship’s great florist, Eddie.  I was especiallyP1120680 interested in today’s program because he made arrangements using Vietnamese hats.  He had told me P1120714about this earlier, so when we were in Vietnam, I stocked up on these hats.  And he never disappoints.  His arrangements were creative and colorful . . and I might be able to make one or two of them!

After lunch, I played duplicate bridge with Sandy, the lady who also doesn’t want to have to play every sea day and is just learning as well.  Well, she has been sick and was on strong cough meds, so she was a bit “out of it.”  She made a wrong bid (for my bridge friends – 2 clubs) which indicated lots of points.  As a result, the opponent did not bid game (just 3 spades) and he ended up making game (4 spades) because Sandy’s had lots of clubs, but hardly any points.  Well, “DIRECTOR!!!” was the name of the game.  He was furious because he didn’t get all the points he could have gotten had he actually bid game.  This debate went on for way too long with the bridge teachers/directors trying to figure out how to solve it.  [They eventually gave him his points which I thought was a mistake – but I’m not playing for points, just for fun, etc. so in the end it was all about the principal of the issue, not the stupid points.]  When the afternoon was over, I told both teachers this is why I don’t play duplicate.  They encouraged me to think about it and play in the other room the next time where this couple doesn’t play.  When I came down to the room, I was livid the more I thought about how this man behaved.  Doug reassured me that it was appropriate this happened on the ship because I was certainly talking like a sailor!!! 

Drinks were definitely in order before dinner, so we went and joined our friends before our formal dinner night.  It was fun to catch up with them and by the time we made it to dinner, I was a bit more calm and relaxed.

Tonight’s formal dinner theme was “Prom Night” and the colorsP1120741 were blue and pink.  Our servers looked great!  We really like them (Benny in pink and Fiddy in blue.)  They really try hard every night and are way overworked with too many tables, but they always smile and do their best.

At dinner our new table mate, John, brought a copy of the book he wrote.  I think I mentioned this in an earlier entry.  This book describes his years as a Japanese prisoner in WWII.  He was only aP1120740 teenager and was there with his mother and brother.  His father had been taken months earlier to a different camp.  I want to get this when I get home because from what he has told us, it is a fascinating and terrible story. 

After dinner Doug and I went to the big screen showing of Lincoln.  It is very exciting that the ship is showing these Academy Award winning movies.  We really enjoyed it.

The last thing I did before heading back to the cabin was check the bridge tally for the day.  I was stunned to learn that Sandy and I came in 3rd after such a terrible afternoon’s experience.  It’s the best we’ve done so far!  Wonders never cease! 

Looking forward to another sea day tomorrow (but no bridge in the cards for me!)  Sorry for that terrible pun.


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