3-19-2013 Day 73 At Sea

Big day at sea – and an early start!  Had an 8 a.m. hair appointment so was up early.  Then the guest on Good Morning Amsterdam was the ship’s purser.  It could have been a bit dry, but it was actually very interesting.  On this ship, Peter (the purser!) does a lot more than just the accounting.  More importantly, he is in charge of making sure we have all we need to get on and off the ship at each port – and every port’s rules and regulations are different.  Even in FL, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale have different requirements, etc.  I had no idea how difficult it is to make sure all the paperwork is in order before we get to these different ports.  And, you can’t do this too much in advance because the rules change often.  Great talk.

Barbara did her talk about what to do and see in Sri Lanka after that.  It should be a fun port. 

Lunch with Doug was good because they had a new feature today – a curry bar.  We both enjoyed trying the various ones.  Hope they continue to do this in the future.  While walking back to our cabin, I took some photos of some of the newest flower arrangements our ship’s florist made using Vietnamese hats.  Here are a couple.  He is very creative and talented, I think!








At 2 p.m. Doug and I had a “movie date.”  We didn’t get to see Argo before we left on the cruise, so we really were excited the ship could show it.  We both liked it – and even though you knew the ending, it was still tense!

But the best part of the day was still before us!  This was another Murder Mystery dinner night with a fairy tale theme.  But this was not your regular fairy tale.  The Enchanted Kingdom has all the famous fairy tale characters we’ve known since childhood.  But the Disenchanted Kingdom has characters that never became famous, never had their story told to children at bed time, and never were made into high-grossing Disney movies, video games, or Burger King merchandising items! 

So tonight we celebrated the Annual Not-So-Famous Fairy Tale Convention Dinner.  The special guest speaker is the author who created them, Graham Grimm, the cousin of the more famous Brothers Grimm.  We were encouraged to make up our own fairly tale names, so Doug was “Silver Locks” – Goldilocks’ older brother.  I was Little Bo Poop, the not so social sister to Little Bo Peep.  Upon our arrival to dinner, we were each given a magic wand! 

It was a fun dinner and we were able to sit with Bill and Lucille again – the couple we’ve been paired with on most of our special Pinnacle Grill dinners.  We always have such fun with them.

Our cruise director, Bruce, writes these skits and tonight he was BigP1110768 Red Riding Hood.  He is very talented in this area and everyone always has a good time.  They are totally sold out each time.  And one of my favorite story book characters was the Little Merman.  Ben played the cheerleader in the last mystery dinner aP1110825nd he didn’t disappoint with all his enthusiasm in tonight’s dinner.  As Bruce said, “put him in something with green sparkles and he’s a whole new person!”  Well, I wanted to take his picture because one of my granddaughters always asks me to look for mermaids on our cruises.  This is the closest thing I have found so far, Bailey – so this is for you!!!

In addition to the laughter and fun of the evening, we also enjoyed a wonderful dinner.  I really liked the potato and leek soup that was “scented with truffle!”  The salad was  shrimp and lobster on a bed of greens.  I could have stopped right there because I was getting a bit full.  But we were then served a filet mignon with asparagus, balsamic drizzled cherry tomatoes and slow fried new potatoes.  And the “happily ever after” dessert was a trio of a chocolate, hazelnut, and coffee cake with raspberry sauce! 

This was a very fun and busy sea day – loved it all!


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