3-14-2013 Day 68 At Sea

Today was our first day at sea with a total capacity passenger count.  There will be more passengers on this segment of the cruise than any other.  Many will get off in Cape Town, Africa. 

We started off really well after three full days in Hong Kong by gaining an extra hour of sleep last night.  The new guest chef, Naomi Kakiuchi, was the guest on Good Morning Amsterdam, but I had to miss it because as I was walking out the door, I decided to just clean my glasses’ lens quickly as I was leaving – and out fell my lens!  So, I had to find Doug, take my little repair kit to him, and get it fixed again.  He is really patient and good at fixing this. 

I did make it to Barbara’s talk about things to see and do in Singapore.  While we have been there before, it was good to get a refresher on what to see and buy, etc. 

We also have a new guest speaker for the Explorations Speaker Series – Robert Schire.  He was on the 2010 world cruise and we liked him then.  He gave a talk this morning on The Most Unlikely Democracy: India.  Doug went to hear it and said it was excellent.  I heard the same thing from many other passengers.  Finally, a good speaker with current topics!

While Doug did that, I went to the Sushi demo by the new chef.  Since I don’t know much about it and am not a big fan of sushi, I thought it would be good to learn more about it.  And it was interesting . . .  and complicated with so many ingredients and time consuming effort to make the different dishes.  So, while I enjoyed it, I think I’ll pass on my recipe cards to my sister who really likes it!

Met Doug for lunch and then we went to the afternoon movie – The Life of Pi.  We were told that in March we would be getting some of the Academy Awards winner movies and so we were able to watch this in the ship’s movie theater.  Doug didn’t like it nearly as much as I did.  I thought it was great! 

I stopped by the Amsterdam book club discussion even though I had not read much of the book.  It is a great selection – In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson.  It is about Australia – I only wish we had read it while we were there, but the group seemed to think it was more relevant to read it after our time there. 

From 4:30-5:30 our new travel agent representative on the ship hosted a cocktail party.  We enjoyed meeting the woman and her husband and spent some time chatting with them before headingP1100419 to dinner where we met our new table mates.  They are very interesting people – a bit older than we are, but they seem to be very nice.  This was a formal night with the theme “Oriental Specialties.”  We even had Dim Sum as an appetizer.  Enjoyed that a lot!

After a busy day on board the ship and our three busy days in Hong Kong, we went to bed early and skipped the show.  Tomorrow is another port day in Vietnam.


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