3-13-2013 Day 67 Hong Kong

Last day in Hong Kong – will be sad to leave – and we have to be back on board the ship at 3 p.m. even though we don’t leave until 5 p.m because the Customs/Immigration people here have to check every passport, etc. and it takes a while. 

We took a walk down Salisbury Rd. to the Hong Kong Museum of Art.  It is a pleasant walk and you pass by the Clock Tower, the Peninsula Hotel (a very fancy hotel that serves high tea), and the Space Museum.  The art museum is next door the latter.  The gift shop here is  one of the best I’ve ever seen, and we never fail toP1100235 find something to buy in this store.  And so we did this morning.  As we were walking we saw these groups of young children on a “tour” with their preschool.  Children are universal in their appeal with their wonderful smiles and laughter.

We didn’t have an agenda today – just to walk around downtown Kowloon and take in the sights as we came to them.  One of the interesting things I love here are the underground walkways.  Because the streets are so busy, you sometimes have to go under P1100249the street to cross.  Normally, you’d think it would just be a lit tunnel, but not in Hong Kong.  It’s another world – a virtual shopping mall with upscale stores. 

We passed by the Avenue of Comic Stars.  I  didn’t recognize mostP1100258 of these characters.  Maybe my grandchildren can help me out with this.  And then we walked along Nathan Rd. under the shade of these beautiP1100260ful banyan trees.  It is hard to believe these line part of one of the most commercial streets in this area.

We decided to head up the the Jade Market because we had never been there before.  Before we got there we met another couple from our ship who had just come from there.  I didn’t realize they sold only jade, and since that was not what I was in the market for, we just kept walking  – now past Temple Street which is where the Night Market is after the daytime shops close.  And then we went through some side streets that gave us the more local flavor rather than the glitzy stores on Nathan Rd.  Here a a few to show the difference.  The man with the big pot is cooking some kind of nut and the last is a very local shop with all the signs in Chinese.  It was all very interesting.








We made our way back to the terminal and adjoining mall.  Because we were running short on time, we decided to grab a quick Thai lunch in the mall.  It was quite good.  And we made it back in time for “all aboard” at 3 p.m.

Because we had picked up more segment people (actually over 200) in Hong Kong, we had to have the mandatory safety drill outP1100317 on deck.  After that we went to the “sail away” and took our final pictures of Hong Kong.  This was one of my favorite pictures as we left – a little sampan boat with the skyline behind it.  You can see many of these in the Aberdeen area of Hong Kong (we had been there in the past, but not on this trip.)  Many fishermen and their families live on thP1100328ese little boats.   And this picture is for Rob and Angie – the tallest building on the Kowloon side with the Ritz Carlton on the top 40 floors.  They had suggested we goP1100344 to the top for a drink, but we ran out of time . . maybe the next time!  And here we are leaving this wonderful city!

When the sun set over Hong Kong, Barb, Charlie, Doug and I had P1100409dinner in the Lido since we were past our 5:30 dinner time.  We will have new table mates when we get back to the dining room again.  After dinner we went to the evening’s show which was excellent.  It was champion ballroom dancers, Ryan and Ashleigh DiLello who were finalists on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance and guest performers on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. They were so full of energy and they were so talented.  It may have been the best performance we’ve seen so far on this cruise.  A great way to end the day. 


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