3-10-2013 Day 64 AT SEA

Using this sea day to get caught up again before three big days in Hong Kong.  Normal morning activities – Good Morning Amsterdam with just Bruce, since Adele was under the weather.  It was actually interesting because he used this time to describe his new job for HAL since he won’t be the Cruise Director next year.  Then I went to an Asian cooking demo by Kevin. He made sweet and sour chicken. 

While Doug went to the Mongolian cookout, Barb and I had lunch with our former table mate, George.  He had told us a long time ago he had some stories he wanted to share with the two of us, so this was the day.  We had lunch in the dining room and heard his two ship stories.  The most interesting was the story of how years ago after the ship he was on crossed the Equator going south between Hawaii and Tahiti, he decided to put a message in a bottle and toss it out to sea.  Since he was a professor and knew he might move homes, but his university would always know how to get hold of him, he included his business card.  Well, more than 10 years later he heard from the person who discovered his bottle in western Australia.  His handwritten message was a bit blurred, but the business card was intact.  Very interesting story. 

The only sad thing about today was this was our last dinner with Lynn and Terry.  They were getting off in Hong Kong, so we enjoyed our last dinner together.  We will miss them. 

Not a lot of news for today.  Going to bed early for the early sail in to Hong Kong tomorrow.


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