3-6-2013 Day 60 At Sea

Another sea day without anything of interest to write about – but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them.  The one thing I wanted to include for my own records (not that anyone reading this would be interested in this topic) was the emblem/logo for our ship.  It shows two ships together.


The smaller one is the “de Halve Maen” – the small ship that Henry Hudson set sail in from Holland and crossed the Atlantic in the early part of the 17th century.  This was the beginning of Dutch exploration and settlement of the New World.

The larger one is Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam II (1938-1973) which represents the luxury and splendor of sailing at this time in history. 

The emblem shows these two ships side by side symbolizing the centuries old seafaring tradition of the Dutch and the long-standing friendship between Holland and America.    

I have been looking at this emblem for two months and had no idea what it represented.  Glad to know now! 

One other picture to include – today’s sunrise.  This is when I wish I were an artist and could paint what I see.  We have seen so manP1080753y lovely sunrises and sunsets (more of the latter!)  Just wanted to share this one when it wasn’t competing with port pictures. 


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