3-5-2013 Day 59 At Sea, crossing the equator

Crossing the equator has been a time-honored seafaring tradition when ships request from King Neptune a safe passage and smooth waters. a On this ship and many others, there is a special King Neptune ceremony.  Ours wasP1080725 around the Lido deck and pool.  Our cruise director was dressed as Neptune with his trident and his companion mermaid, the ship’s hostess.  Crew members were dragged from the “jail” to be brought before the judge and ships’ officers for sentencing for their “crimes.”  Before being “punished”, they had to “kiss the fish” (yes, a real dead P1080698one!) and then have horrible “goo” spread all over them (this year I had no idea what this multi-colored stuff P1080686was!) and then thrown “overboard” into the “sea” (pool) depending upon the “thumbs up or thumbs down” from the officers.   It is always great fun and a great photo op because of all the costumes, etc. 

However, this year, because it was raining, the top deck had to be shut so there were 3 times the number of people on deck than usual and all trying to take pictures.  There were several passenger “outbursts” and near physical fights over this.  It’s truly amazing to watch human behavior at its worst! And all for a silly, fun, and meaningless festivity! 

This was one of our more relaxed days on ship and I used it as a “catch up” day on things I had been putting off.  It felt really good to have such a day. 

Tonight was formal night with the theme of King Neptune Under tP1080733he Sea, and the dining room was decorated really well.  You really almost felt like you were dining underwater with all the fish and sea animal balloons overhead!  And sadly, thisP1080749 was the last formal night with our table of six – one of the couples is getting off in Hong Kong.  We will miss them!  So, our table picture of our last formal night together.  Tonight was also the Under the Sea Ball, but since it didn’t start until 10 p.m. and we’ve heard it is really crowded, we decided to skip it.  This is when all the officers are dressed in their finest and dance with the passengers.  Just not something that has ever interested us. 

So, today we crossed the equator for the 2nd time on this cruise, and I guess King Neptune looked benevolently upon us because we are enjoying calm seas!


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