3-3-2013 Day 57 At sea

Short and sweet – didn’t even take a picture today.  That’s probably a good thing since my Bali entry yesterday with all the pictures took almost 10 minutes to upload! 

The Indonesian cook, Tina, from the Pinnacle Grill was the guest at Good Morning Amsterdam.  Since she had just prepared such a feast for everyone the night before, it was great to hear her talk about how she learned to cook from her Mom, etc.  The hardest part for her is trying to write down a recipe for others to help her out in the kitchen because for her, she just takes a little of this and a lot of that!  I have really enjoyed the Indonesian food I’ve been lucky enough to sample both on and off the ship.  Don’t know if we have any Indonesian restaurants in Sarasota – will have to check that out.

Travel guide Barb told us about our two ports in the Philippines – will be very different experiences since one is a smaller community and Manila is huge!

The Explorations Speaker had a new speaker today – new for this cruise – he has been on previous world cruises and I think I remember him.  But I remember his being much better – so after five minutes I decided to go to the cooking demo instead.  Learned how to make another Indonesian favorite – beef rendang.  It was good.

Had already committed to duplicate bridge so went and spent my afternoon at a bridge table.  It was not so bad and I learned a couple of new things, but on the whole, I decided I don’t want to have to play bridge every sea day afternoon.  So now my new partner and I will just decide day by day if there is something else on the ship we’d rather do.  Much better way! 

Went to the ship’s entertainment after dinner – a woman comedian and singer from England.  They have had a lot of British entertainment lately on the ship.  Well, we stayed for about half of it, but ducked out before the end.  My book was better!

Tomorrow is a big day in our last port in Indonesia, followed by another Indonesian dinner in the Pinnacle Grill! 


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