2-22-2013 Day 48 At Sea

Feeling really refreshed and rested after we gained 1 1/2 hours last night.  We are getting to close to a 12 hour time difference between where we are currently in the world and where our family and friends are. 

Good Morning Amsterdam had two of the ship’s photographers as the guests this morning.  It was especially good to see some of the slides of their work.  Then went to Barbara’s talk about what to see and do in Fremantle and Perth . . . and there’s a lot! 

A new Explorations Speaker gave a talk about the Hunters and Gatherers in general and also those of early Australia.  His name was Bob Tonkinson and he was a huge improvement on the past speakers I’ve heard.  Doug went with me and we both thought it was really interesting – even though I know by the title it sounds pretty boring – but it wasn’t. 

Tonight was Formal Night with the theme of Medieval Times.  The staff went above and beyond in their costumes. P1060872 The single man is our main diningP1060879 steward.  You can’t see the long cape that flowed behind him!  And the dinner was good as well.  Started with one of my favorites – escargot, followed by yellow fin tuna and ending with another favorite, crepe suzettes. 

Went to the show which was two violinists (male and female) who played everything from fiery gypsy music and jazz to Broadway and classical.  They were talented and played well.  I enjoyed them more than Doug did.  He is tired of “old people” music! 

Another pleasant day at sea.


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