2-19-2013 Day 45 At Sea

Except for a huge afternoon glitch with the computer, this was the perfect sea day for me.  And Doug said he had a really pleasant day as well – very relaxing.

My sea days are usually really busy in the mornings – with too many things I want to do in the same time slot, so always choices.  Began with Good Morning Amsterdam with the guest being the wine master to the ship.  There is a fancy name for this, but I can’t remember what it is.  He talked a lot about different wines and wine trends and how they are constantly changing.  I learned a few things and enjoyed the talk.

Went to hear Barbara talk about our next two ports, but had to leave half way through so I could go to the Cruise Critic get-together at 10:30 a.m.  They meet once every segment to welcome the new members who join.  So, enjoyed meeting some new people (who have actually been on the whole time, but I had just not met them yet!) and especially a man from Fort Myers (just down the road from us at home!) – all while enjoying a Mimosa (no wonder this was such a great day!)

This was followed by the private cooking class (only 12 passengers) with the guest chef on board – Denise Vivaldo.  As I mentioned in aP1060157 previous entry, she has worked with many celebrities, so has great stories, not to mention great catering capabilities.  The rules have changed on the ship since my last world cruise.  For health reasons, you can prepare the food with the chef, but you don’t get to eat what the class made.  It’s just a “hands-on” experience.  You do get to eat the same meal – only one that has been pre-made earlier by one of the ship’s chefs.  Our lunch was a “festive tropical party” with coconut shrimp with a mango salsa, a pineapple and raisin cold rice salad,  and P1060163garlic snow peas with almonds.  All of it was really good!  We had our lunch with Denise in the Pinnacle Grill, which included a glass of wine.  For a person who doesn’t drink much, I’ve already had more than I normally have in a week!  The discussion at the table was as enjoyable as the lunch itself. 

Had planned on spending a couple of hours working on my Blog this afternoon – believe it or not, it takes a long time for me to write an entry when we’ve had a port day with lots to share.  I have to go back and forth to find the perfect picture to include – which means going through the several hundred Doug and I usually take between us!  But there was a glitch, and when I thought I was near the end of Hobart (just my part, not even Doug’s entry since we did different excursions), I realized that I had lost the last almost two hours of my work – so with a few words under my breath, I started again – hitting the “save” button after every few sentences!  VERY frustrating. 

But the evening made up for it (as did the earlier part of the day!)  We had signed up on our first day on the ship for the Murder Mystery Dinners which are a ton of fun.  We had gone to one on our 2010 cruise and it was a highlight.  Bruce, the cruise director, writes the script.  He is very talented and so the evening is much fun.  About 10 of the staff play the parts of the “suspects” for the murder that takes place minutes after we begin our dinner.  At the preceding cocktail party,  the staff (in costume) chat with all of us introducing themselves (in their character) and then we proceed to the dinner.  The theme of this one was the Amsterdale High School reunion.  Doug went as “Dudley DoRight” and P1060193I was “Goody Twoshoes.”  Some of the staff names were funny – “Venus Mantrap” and “Mario Testosteroni” just to name a few.  Here are these two characters – the “detective” interviewing Ms Mantrap!  I can’t remember when I have laughed more.  We really had a good time.  And, once again, this was a drinking day because after my morning and noon drinks, we now had champagne at the cocktail party followed by both white and red wine with dinner and then a liqueur with dessert.  No wonder I was so happy! 

We went to the 10 p.m. show in the Queen’s Lounge to hear the flautist we had enjoyed so much as well as more Aussie Boys.  It was a great show and we didn’t get to bed until later than usual.  But we did get to set our clocks back 30 minutes, so that helped!

GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!


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