2-17-2013 Day 43 At Sea

This morning I checked out our ship’s location on the TV channel P1050672dedicated to navigational information.  It showed us heading south to the eastern coast of Tasmania . . right on schedule!

This morning at Good Morning Amsterdam, the guests were three of the band players from the Amsterdam band.  We are so fortunate to have such talent on our ship for the whole four months.  And these band members play almost nightly, accompanying guests and fitting into their style of music, tempo, etc. so it is always new.  Irving is the piano player and the conductor and he does an amazing job of doing both at the same time.  The other two there today were the drummer (Chris) and the saxophone player (Chris).  It was fun to hear how they all started out in the music field and how they got to ship entertainment. 

Went to the travel guide, Barbara’s, talk on our next two ports – Hobart, Tasmania and Adelaide, Australia.  That was followed by a cooking demo by our new celebrity guest chef – Denise Vivaldo.P1050675  Many of you may have heard of her since she has cooked for many celebrities, including George H.W. Bush, Prince Charles, and Sly Stallone – just to name a few.  She entertained us with stories as she showed us how to make Spinach Sausage Beggar’s Purses – a great appetizer that I will make when I get home.  It was fairly easy and straight forward and yummy!

Had lunch with a couple we’ve met on the ship and wanted to get to know better.  It was a special Commonwealth Brunch featuring items from the different Commonwealth countries.  I enjoyed the fish and chips! 

At 2 p.m. I went to the Explorations Speaker Series to hear a man discuss Tasmania as a Penal Colony.  Since my excursion tomorrow is visiting the major penal colony in Tasmania, I wanted to learn even more about it.  Should have just read a book!  It was like listening to an old, boring college professor just read from his notes. 

After dinner we went to one of the ship’s best entertainment so far.  They were The Aussie Boys and they sang and danced iconic Australian songs with so much energy!  They reminded me a little of The Wiggles who all my grandchildren used to listen to and dance along with on TV – also from Australia.  It was a great show.

Wanted to get to bed fairly early since tomorrow is a really early sail in with commentary and of course, the coffee, juice and this time Tasi rolls since we are coming to Tasmania! 


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