2-14-2013 Day 40 At sea Valentine’s Day

Love was certainly in the air throughout the entire ship this P1040990whole day.  From the moment we woke up, until we went to bed, we saw lots and lots of hearts, chocolate, flowers and red, red, red!  I even decorated our door to keep in the spirit of the day.

The guests for Good Morning Amsterdam were the perfect ones for Valentine’s Day.  They were the Hotel Manager, Henk, and his wife, the the Guest Relations Manager, Christel.  They are the nicest couple and we personally enjoy spending time with them when we can – which isn’t often because of their busy schedules!  Their story was a great “love story” because they have been working on ships most of their lives, and have been married most of their lives.  However, at one point in their careers they had to get divorced for two years to be able to be work together on this ship.  The policy had been that married couples could not work on the same ship together.  However, when the CEO changed, so did the policy and they were able to get re-married! 

Bridge lesson followed by a cooking demo – heart shaped biscuits with a Bing cherry compote and then back to the room for a surprise on our bed from the Captain and our room stewards.  The towel swans were P1040992elaborate and the chocolate candy boxes were fine chocolate – plus the little stuffed bears.  This was our formal night gift, just early so we could enjoy them all day.  Someone had already gotten in his box of chocolates by the time I returned the room . . . .!

Doug and I went to the dining room for lunch today . . a table forP1050001 two to enjoy this special day.  The room was decked out in red hearts everywhere, and our lunch was delicious.  And of course we matched in our red as well!

After lunch we both went to the Techspert class because it was an introduction to Facebook.  Doug wanted to see why joining FB was a worthwhile thing to do and I wanted to just learn a bit more about it.  I learned a few new things but I don’t think Doug will be my newest FB “friend.”  Maybe after the cruise . . .!

I enjoyed the ship’s special afternoon Valentine gift to the passengers – an hour of music and dance by the Amsterdam singers and dancers.  They appealed to all the older guests with their music choices, but it was still a pleasant way to spend part of the afternoon. 

In 2013 when we did this trip before, our dining table went to the Pinnacle restaurant on the ship for a special Valentine’s dinner.P1050008  This year six of the eight people returned and so we had a mini reunion dinner.  We currently have dinner with Barb & Charlie, but it was fun to join Elaine and LaVar again tonight for a special dinner.  Unfortunately, Charlie was sick and unable to join in the fun, but we spent almost 2 1/2 hours eating and talking so that is an indication of how enjoyable it was.  I have a similar picture that was taken in the same spot three years ago. 

We chose not to stay up for the formal ball since we wanted to be up early for the “sail in” to Sydney. 

I hope all my friends and family enjoyed a day of love – whether it be for a spouse, a friend, or just the love of life itself. 


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