2-12-2013 Day 38 At Sea–Mardi Gras

Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln and Happy Mardi Gras!  The ship’s focus was on Mardi Gras in all its food and decorations today – didn’t see a lot of tall black stovepipe hats around!

Not much going on today – the usual Good Morning Amsterdam.  The guests were from the Pinnacle (the upscale restaurant.)  Learned about their thoughts on food and wine – do you order your wine first and work your meal around that or the other way around.  They didn’t agree!

Bridge class was actually playing today and that was a nice change.  I had a nice partner and the hands were pretty straight forward.  When I played the hand, I made my contract, so it was more fun than usual!  And I met a nice person to play with (as well as the grouchy man at our table who was a bit “above it all!”)

Doug went to one of his special interest groups and then the Mongolian BBQ up on the outside deck.  I didn’t feel like such a big meal, so after some computer work, I went up to grab a salad.  I ended up eating with one of our old table mates and found out a really interesting thing that had happened in Wellington.  The day we were docked there was the same day as the annual blessing of the boats.  In another bay (not where we were docked), there was small island where the boats lined up and as they went around the island, the “boat blesser” or whatever he is called, blessed each boat.  Well, one of our tender boats was there and was blessed!  I later learned it was #11, so if there is a need, no matter that #13 is my assigned life boat, I’m heading to #11!!!  I thought that was pretty neat that one of our boats was part of that.  I guess the Captain didn’t want to announce it realizing that it would cause a panic in an emergency if all 1100 plus passengers headed for one life boat!

And while I was hearing about that interesting news, someone looked P1040947out the Lido dining room window and saw a huge group of dolphins playing off the side of our ship.  I was glad I carry my camera every where I go for just such occasions!  This was the first time I had seen dolphins out in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.  It was such fun to see them splashing around.

Spent most of my afternoon catching up on some things in the cabin and working on my pictures and Blog.  It was relaxing and pleasant. 

Doug and I then went to dinner with all the Mardi Gras decorations – P1040950and a mask for each of us at our place – and a special Mardi Gras menu.  No one else from our table was coming to the dining room tonight so we had our first “dinner for two” in the dining  room and it was really, really nice to have that time together.

Neither the daily movie or the ship’s nightly entertainment interested us much so we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our cabin. 


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