2-4- Day 30 At Sea/Super Bowl Monday

Between crossing the International Date Line and not feeling well, I have totally lost track of time.  I now realize that we are one day ahead of all of you back in the States.

That means we actually were able to watch the Super Bowl game live – only we watched it on Monday for us/Sunday for you.  Kinda weird.  But it was a great game.  And on the ship, they really P1020820threw a big party and made it a most festive afternoon.  They played in on the big screen in the Queen’s Lounge – the theater that holds the most people on the ship.  It was all decorated and “football food” was served throughout the game.

And the other good thing is I was “released” from our cabin today so I was able to see part of the game (just didn’t eat all that good, rich food!)  During the morning I mainly still slept, but also watched a movie on TV, 2016: Obama’s America.  I was glad to have seen it since I missed it when I was at home. 

Dinner at our new table and it was a pleasant one!  Afterwards, Doug and I went to the ship’s show – the Celtic Tenors.  Doug had seen them previously when I didn’t feel well and thought they were good.  I was glad to have seen and heard them because I thought they were great and also seemed like really nice people. 

A step out on deck before heading back to the cabin – it was good to breathe in some good fresh air.  And what is amazing is that we are seeing so many birds – saw them out the window at dinner and again on the deck.  It’s amazing because we are hundreds of miles from land. 

Setting our clocks back another hour so will get that extra sleep tonight . . and then be all ready to sail in to Auckland, New Zealand tomorrow evening. 


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