2-3-2013 Day 29 At Sea

No, I didn’t skip a day in the Blog – we crossed the International Date Line during the night and just “lost” Feb. 2nd!  Hope you all enjoyed it back home!

Today I was not feeling well at all and finally went to the medical center on the ship.  (It is so convenient to get medical help on this ship!)  After hearing what has been going on during the last 24 hours, I was told I had to be in isolation in my cabin for the next 24 hours.  Well, I felt so rotten, it didn’t matter much to me.  Don’t have any idea what I really have, but will enjoy just sleeping the day away for the most part.  I want to be well for Auckland in two days.

Doug spent most of the day out of the cabin (smart man!) walking the deck, doing computer things and visiting with other passengers.  He went to the travel lecture about Picton for me.  I am the one who usually goes to those, but he went for me and even took notes!  He enjoyed this relaxing day. 

I was sorry to miss this day at sea since there were two cooking demos I wanted to attend – one was about New Zealand food – pecan crusted lamb with a honey thyme glaze and then green lip mussels with fennel and tomato.  I’d probably never make these back home, but I did want to try the green lip mussels which are prevalent in this country.  The other demo was making things with the New Zealand honey, Manuka.  Hopefully I’ll get some recipe cards from this one and be able to buy the honey when we get to Auckland.

It is formal night tonight, so Doug will represent us at our new table with our new table mates for our first formal dinner there.  I’ll hold down the fort in our cabin with “clear liquids!”  [He came back and said dinner was very good and the company was fun.  He is now off to the show to see Andy Bunger, a multi instrumentalist.  Sounds like a good one tonight.

Sorry, no pictures again – who wants to just see our cabin?!!?

You are probably watching the Super Bowl as I type this and probably already know the results.  They are hoping to play it tomorrow on the ship if we can get decent reception.  It looks like they are planning a big deal for it on the ship, so I hope it works for all the football fans!

I’m ending now so that Doug can upload this when he gets back from the show.  And with that, I’ll be totally caught up on my Blog – first time since we left Ft. Lauderdale! 


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