2-1-2013 Day 28 Sea Day, Cross International Date Line

Whatever I was feeling last night at dinner hit me harder today and I spent the day in our cabin – resting and catching up on shore excursion reading.  I had laryngitis so couldn’t talk to anyone anyway. 

Doug went to a session or two of some activities that interested  him, but it was basically a “do nothing” day.  It was the first night we were to go to our new table, even though Lynn & Terry couldn’t make it until tomorrow.  So, it was Doug, Barb & Charlie and it was a very relaxed and fun dinner.  I had room service all day so didn’t see anything outside our cabin! 

The only major event for today/tonight really is the crossing of the International Date Line.  So when we go to bed tonight (Friday, Feb. 1st) we will wake up on Sunday, Feb. 3rd.  We just lose Sat., the 2nd.  We were actually supposed to cross this “line” a day later, but because we skipped Rarotonga, everything has accelerated by one day.  So, we will wake up on Super Bowl Sunday, but the ship had already signed a contract to show it on Monday morning (thinking it would be the day we “lost.”  And now, we will also arrive in Auckland, New Zealand a little early – the night of Feb. 6th instead of the morning of the 7th. 

[Sorry, since I didn’t feel like leaving the cabin, I have no  pictures to post!]


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