1-31-2013 day 27 Rarotonga, cook islands

Up early with breakfast in the cabin so we would be ready for our independent tour with one of the cruise critic members who organized this outing.  We knew from the night before that the weather made this an “iffy” destination, and as we arrived with big swells we pretty much guessed that we would not be able to go ashore.  When the captain gave us the news, he said to remember what Easter Island tendering was like and double how bad that was – because now we would have swells P1020786from both sides of the tenders.  Well, for those of us who were lucky enough to get off the ship that day, we knew we didn’t want to repeat that tender operation.  So, we took pictures of the island from the ship.  This shows our wake as we turned around and sailed away from the island. 

I was sorry not to be able to go on this island, mainly because they have really unique currency and I wanted to get some as souvenirs.  They have a coin in the shape of a triangle.  They also sell local crafts – one is a straw fan with shell decoration on it.  Our ship’s travel guide, Barbara, said it was the only place in the world where she has seen this particular craft.  Well, hopefully one of our friends will come back to this island and perhaps they will pick one up for us! 

A new and revised schedule was printed out for us and a new sea day was in the making.  When I went to the Good Morning Amsterdam, they had the casino host as the guest.  It was actually interesting to hear about how he got where he is today . . and to learn that the game my son, Ted, taught us to play (we weren’t very good) – Texas Hold Em – is THE most popular gambling card game out there right now. 

Had a great bridge lesson and was starting to learn more about “transfer” bidding.  Followed this with a “flower walking tour” with Eddy, one of the ship’s florist.  He is such a talented man and taught usP1020792 some basics about flower arranging as he showed us his most recent creations – this time using banana leaf and the leaf used for tapa cloths. This was one of my favorites, but they were all so unique and interesting.  He first decorates the vase with the banana leaf (which he has soaked and dried to make more flexible) and then he attaches clear vials of water around these and then the flowers.

Doug enjoyed another really good Techspert time learning more about editing photos. 

Before dinner we met Barb & Charlie, BJ and Jack, for drinks in the Ocean Bar.  It was the night we were going to announce to our table mates that we would be leaving.  Doug was nominated as our table spokesman!  So, we were getting a little more relaxed before that.

At dinner the captain had complimentary champagne for everyone since we were not able to go to Rarotonga.  While we enjoyed it, we don’t really understand why the captain feels that is necessary – he is in charge of the ship, but not the weather.  Our tablemates were very nice about our leaving and wished us well.

I was feeling a bit queasy at the end of dinner so came back to the cabin and went to bed – skipping the show I really wanted to see.  Doug did see it – three Celtic Tenors – and said they were very good.  Hopefully, I’ll catch them again when they do a variety show with other entertainers on this part of the cruise. 

A revised day, but a good one!


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