1-30-2013 Day 26 At Sea

We slept like babies last night and actually slept until almost 8 this morning – the latest I have slept since getting on the ship.  After a quick breakfast, I had to decide between a bridge class and hearing our ship’s travel guide, Barbara, talk about some upcoming ports in New Zealand.  I opted for the port talks since they are both new to me.

After that I went to the Explorations speaker series lecture since we have new speakers on board now.  His subject was about how the islanders arrived at the islands we had just visited and the changes in the islands with the arrival of the Europeans.  It was pretty interesting.

Doug went back to the Techspert to learn how to enhance our photos.  He learned a lot of new techniques, so hopefully he’ll be able to teach me and maybe my Blog photos will improve!  He really enjoyed it.

Tonight was another formal night with a French theme since we just P1020765left three French Polynesian islands.  It was a very good dinner.  We finally took a picture of our current table mates.  Since this will be our last formal night with them, I’m including it here.  Front row: me, James, Barb, Doug; Back row: George, Elaine, Charlie, Karlene.  Barb and Charlie will be moving with us to a new table. 

We went to the ship’s evening show, but Doug left after five minutes.  I thought it was really good so stayed for the whole thing.  It was a non-stop 60 minutes piano performance by Naki Ataman with a guitar and percussion accompanying him.  He played music from around the world with a slide show flashing pictures of the 19 different countries from which he was playing songs.  I thought it was one of the best shows we’ve had.

And to keep in the ship’s theme of the day, I end this with Bon Soir. 


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