1-25-2013 Day 21 At sea

Another day at sea!  This is one of the longest stretches we have between ports – 5 sea days in a row.  So, much of the routine is the same.  Did learn how to make the “original” Caesar salad dressing. 

Barb & Charlie (current dining mates), Doug, and I had lunch with our dining mates from the 2010 World Cruise – Elaine and LaVar.  It was fun to catch up with them again.  We enjoyed a pleasant and slower paced lunch in the dining room – nice change of pace. 

Since I’m behind in my Blog entries, it has been five days since this day and it’s hard to remember how we spent most of the day.  My only reminder is the pictures I took on this day.  So, I’m posting one of them.P1020026

After dinner, we went outside to stroll around the deck.  We met up with some friends and spent the next hour talking.  During that time we watched the end of the sun set behind dark clouds and the full moon come up, surrounded by dark clouds.  I liked this picture I took with the different colors in the dark sky. 


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