1-15-2013 day 11 travel day from cusco to lima

Up at 4 a.m. again to be ready to meet our van to take us for our early morning flight from Cusco to Lima to meet back up with our ship.  Only today I felt better and Doug was the one with some health issues.  He woke up feeling pretty bad and realized that without thinking, he had a lemonade with his lunch the day before – made with local water!  So, pumped up with Immodium, we took our 1 1/2 hourflight (another Lan airline) to Lima. 

We were met by our last tour representative.  He was to give us a half day tour of Lima before returning to the ship.  But we opted to go straight to the ship instead. 

Spent the remainder of the day unpacking, and Doug went straight to bed.  He ended up with a fever, so I had to let the medical center know.  As a result, he had to remain in the cabin the rest of the night (not a problem!) and our room had to have a special cleaning crew for the next few days – the men with masks.  The ship takes no chances with what might possibly be contagious.  As it turned out, it was not an issue and by the next day he was much better – just tired and a bit weak still.

Between the two of us, as much fun as the trip was, we were really glad to see the Amsterdam’s sign – “Welcome Home.” 


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