1-23-2013 Day 19 At sea

Set the clock backs again last night, so maybe that is why I am waking up earlier.  This morning at 4 a.m. I looked out our window and there was a beautiful moon and so many bright stars.  So, finally at 5 I got up to go check them out.  Took my iPhone with the Sky gazer app that would help me identify them.  There were too many ship lights to really see them clearly, but it was fun to be out on the ship without a lot of people. 

Went to the fitness center earlier – 6 a.m., but there was already a line for the treadmills, so did the bike and weights and then decided to just walk the deck.  What a great decision that was.  The sky was clear and the air so fresh – and I could just look out at the open sea and let my mind wander.  Decided I much prefer this to the confines of the treadmill and fitness center, so think this will be my future exercise program.

After breakfast with Barb & Charlie, grabbed a shower and went to Good Morning Amsterdam, had some time to practice bridge exercises before class and then had lunch with Doug.  Renata, a woman we met earlier when we went to Machu Picchu, joined us for lunch and we ended up talking for almost an hour. 

At 2 Doug went to Bruce’s (cruise director) first classical music appreciation session and I went to the guest speaker’s talk about the Mutiny on the Bounty.  This was the topic since we were going to cruise around Pitcairn Island tomorrow. [Aside: the schedule for tomorrow changed since the captain learned that most of the people living on this small island have the very bad flu that is going around the USA.  So, these people will not be coming on our ship as had been planned, but we will cruise by the island and leave supplies – more about this island in tomorrow’s Blog entry.]

Since tomorrow night is formal night, we decided to celebrate Doug’s birthdayP1010866 with the table tonight.  We had champagne and a cake, and the staff all sang happy birthday both in English and in Indonesian.  Our table mates gave Doug a card, so it was a nice early celebration.  The whole staff did P1010873such a nice job – they made a really good carrot cake and each piece that was cut was decorated with two icing carrots.  In addition, the plate was decorated with a chocolate carrot design.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Doug and I will celebrate his real birthday tomorrow with a b-day “parade” and gifts.

We decided to just camp out in our cabin after dinner instead of going to the show or movie.  Doug read and I watched Larry Crown – the movie on the ship’s TV station.  A nice quiet ending to a nice, rather quiet day.


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