1-20-2013 Day 16 At sea

This will be a short entry as there is not much to share.  However, it was still a great day at sea!

I’ve been going to the Fitness Center to walk on the treadmill every morning around 6:30 a.m.  It has been a huge effort as I P1010545don’t enjoy exercising, but I can count on good weather inside the center.  I used to try to walk around the deck, but sometimes it’s too wet, too windy, etc.  Doug does this, and I do miss the fresh air, but I’ve found this gets the job done . . and I can watch a little TV while I walk.  This is a picture of the sunrise I took from inside the fitness center.  It was really beautiful.

Doug and I both went to the Explorations Speaker Series talk this morning after bridge class since it was about the people of Easter Island and the statues they carved (Moai.)  It was very interesting and gave us good information about what we will see there tomorrow.

Not much else going on during the day – Doug read, I tried to catch up on my Blog, etc.  We have been a bit frustrated that we can’t get an Internet connection, but given that we are in the middle of no where in the Pacific and that it doesn’t pay for a satellite to beam on such a remote part of the world, it makes sense.  We just hate being out of touch for so long.  Hopefully after Easter Island we will have a better connection.

Had dinner with our table mates tonight after being absent from the dining room for a couple of nights.  Then we went to the ship’s entertainment for the evening.  Martin Daniels was the entertainer – billed as comedy with a touch of magic.  We have as yet to see a good magician on any ship.  Ted, you have a great future here if you want it!  For you, it would be a piece of cake.  This show was pretty weak, and we almost left halfway through.  By the time we got back to our cabin, we were ready to get some sleep knowing we had big day tomorrow – Easter Island!


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