1-18-2013 day 14 at sea

We were tired this morning – slept later than usual – and it felt great!  It was too late to go to the fitness center so after a quick shower, I P1010482went to the Good Morning Amsterdam program  because the guests today were the three top culinary people on the ship.  It was a fun discussion about how the food gets to the ship, how the menus are done, how waste is controlled, and how synchronized the whole process has to be in order to run smoothly. 

Doug had another fun session with the Techspert learning about the Cloud. 

Another bridge lesson – this one was pretty advanced.  I left more confused than when I started!

Learned how to make good fish tacos in the mini cooking demo today.  Will definitely be making those when I get home . .  it’s all in the sauce.

Most of the day was spent in the cabin trying to catch up on my Blog.  I was way behind.  I had some ready to go and also wanted to download my e-mails when the Captain during his daily announcement said that the Internet was down all over the ship – no satellite available.  Well, we are 1,000 miles from any land in any direction!  It could be days before we’re up and running again!

Interesting fact:  we were wondering why we are so far west and we haven’t had a time change since we left Ft. Lauderdale.  Well, it’s because Easter Island, our next port, is part of Chile, and they want to keep on the same time.  Guess we’ll be really playing with the clocks after we leave that island! 

Skipped dinner in the dining room – went up to the Lido for a quick and light bite to eat.  Going to try to get to bed earlier tonight after trying to catch up on my reading for Book Club tomorrow.  How can I be on vacation and still feel so far behind in so many things!!!  There are just too many interesting and fun alternatives on sea days – it’s hard to know what to do and what to skip!  Like a man said on our last world cruise – “I need a non port day and a non sea day just to do nothing!”  It’s hard to do nothing with 66 things offered – just today! 


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