1-17-2013 Day 13 At sea

This was a great day!  After coming back from Machu Picchu and having recovered from the long, strenuous days all strung together, I was acutely aware that I needed to get in better shape.  So, today I went to the Fitness Center for the first time and was on the treadmill by 6:30 a.m.  Was able to catch up on my CNN news while exercising, so it was a great combination!  Afterwards, I felt so good and so invigorated. 

Did some laundry, went through our upcoming side trips to make sure everything was in good order, had breakfast, cleaned up, and was at the Good Morning Amsterdam by 9:30.  The bridge lesson that followed was playing time again, so that was more fun.  It was a great learning experience, and I’m pleased to say, I played well. 

Today I had my hair done by a hair stylist from Macedonia.  She said P1010455she would “modern my style up.”  I was ready for a little change.  And I really like it.  I’m delighted that Doug does too.  So, here is the new me!

Tonight was a special dinner night in the Pinnacle Grill (the fancy restaurant on the ship where you pay extra for meals.)  We went with Barb & Charlie – the couple we met and dined with on the 2010 world cruise and who are also part of our dining table this time.  It was Le P1010460Cirque night – based on the menus/recipes from the famous restaurant of the same name in New York.  It was outstanding.  Stared with a little pate/rhubarb  aperitif, compliments of the chef.   Next was the salad – I had their famous Lobster salad (it was part of a cooking demo I missed, but have the recipe card for – and am glad, as it was very good!)  Next course was butternut squash soup with huckleberries – excellent!  The entrée was chateaubriand with pickled beets and a wonderful sauce that didn’t overpower the meat – which was cooked to perfection and so tender.  Dessert was a crème Brule.  I hadn’t eaten that much at any one meal so far, and I was about ready to be rolled out of the diningP1010464 room – but everything was so delicious and served so beautifully!  Doug had the same thing I did except he had a Caesar salad that was served so uniquely.  There was one large home-made crouton the size of a dollar pancake with a soft cooked egg on top.  On the other side of the plate, the lettuce was stacked in a wedge with the anchovies on top.

Went to the show – it was a group singing ABBA songs.  The music carried the show as the performers weren’t tip top.  But it was great fun to hear all those great songs. 

Back in the cabin, the Le Cirque dinner continued with a little box of truffles waiting for us on our bed.  Couldn’t even look at them after such a huge meal – saving them for tomorrow!  That is one thing I like so much about this cruise – the little details that follow up a special event – and it’s always a surprise! 


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  1. I heard an ABBA group last fall, called Arrival from Sweden…and they were great! I’m guessing there are several of these impersonator groups around….do you know the name of yours?

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