1-10-2013 AT SEA

Bridge – actually got to play as the lesson today.  But because it’s an intermediate class, they play like duplicate with the bidding boxes and NO TALKING!  A bit more serious than I think necessary for a class that is supposed to be learning!  Oh well . . I enjoyed it.

Techspert time for Doug was learning about how to edit photos.  He almost always enjoys anything this class offers.

Cooking – topic was “very vegetarian” and I got a great new recipe for quinoa that was tasty. 

And, speaking of cooking, the ship made Dutch apple pancakes (both largeP1000830 and small) out on the deck, but we didn’t know they were there and didn’t discover them until right after we had eaten lunch.  Too bad – they looked yummy!

Book Club – picked up our books.  We will be reading A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage.  It goes through the history of the world through drinks starting with beer in Mesopotamia, wine in Greece and Rome, spirits in the the colonial period of America, coffee in the Age of Reason, tea in the British empire, and coca-cola in the rise of America.  Well, I guess it’s one way to go around the world! 

Ended the night with the ship’s entertainment  – John Amos was the guest entertainer.  He starred in a variety of theater and TV shows, but probably best know for his role in the mini-series Roots.  He may have been a good actor in his day, but he was not a great entertainer.  We had to leave before it was over so we could fall asleep in our own bed instead of in the ship’s theater!

The real end of the evening – and the most elaborate towel animal we’ve had so far!    P1000838


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