1-07-2013 DAY 3 AT Sea

Last night there were rough seas, and we rocked around quite a bit.  When you walked around on the ship, it was easy to bump into people because it was hard for anyone to remain very steady.  Picture the dining area where guests tried to carry their plates while trying to keep themselves balanced!  Quite the challenge.

Mornings seem to be the busiest with the largest number of conflicts.  There are just way too many fun things to do.  After Good Morning Amsterdam” I could only go to my first bridge lesson for 20 minutes.  There is a husband/wife teaching team – not the ones on the 2010 cruise.  The wife teaches the intermediate group.  I’m going to have to really stretch in this class. 

Had to leave early because our Cruise Critic group (the on-line talk board) met in person after sending messages for the last six months.  It was a nice get together, and we were able to put names with faces.  It is a large group, and they will have more get-togethers throughout the cruise.

The rocking ship started to rock my tummy as we got back to the room – so Doug went to lunch and I took some Bodine and rested until it kicked in.  Doug had a great Asian lunch – lucky duck.

I felt well enough to go play party bridge in the afternoon for a couple of hours.  It is a very informal get together for people who want to play.  These “intermediate” players were not all that great – didn’t follow the rules my friends play by.  A bit frustrating.  We’ll see how it goes – may just end up going to the lessons. 

Tonight was our first formal night with the Captain’s Welcome Champagne Reception before dinner.  We enjoyed several glasses of P1000310champagne, met some new people, and saw our captain for the first time.  He introduced the heads of departments on the ship and then gave a toast to the beginning of this cruise.  Captain Mercer also gives daily announcements at lunchtime so it was good to put a face with the voice.  He has a great sense of humor and I like him better than the captain we had in 2010.  This captain has his wife with him!

Dinner was fun – everyone looked great in their fancy clothes.  However, there were many people missing due to the rough seas.  On formal nights, staff from the cruise will join a table and serve as host.  What that basically means is that you get as much free wine as you want.  Doug and I were feeling mighty fine after all the champagne and then wine!  We had a young woman who works in the Shore Excursions area.  She will be the ship’s representative on our tour when we go to Kruger National Park.  She will also be escorting the ship’s group who go to Machu Picchu at the end of the week.  Since we are going independently, I’m glad to at least know the ship’s contact in case we get stuck.  P1000333

On the World Cruise they have a tradition on all formal nights of having a gift from the captain in your stateroom when you return from dinner.  This evening we were given tote bags with little goodies inside. 

Another good day – even with the 10 foot waves!  And tomorrow will be our first port – Cartagena, Colombia, S. America.



  1. Sounds like you’re having a fun first few days! Enjoy!

  2. Are you taking the ship’s tour to Kruger? I thought you said several months ago that it was filled so I got you in touch with Todd….and I think he gave you the name of a travel agency that goes there?

    1. We are taking the ship’s tour to Kruger. Originally we were on the wait list, and that is when you got in touch with Todd. I never actually e-mailed with Todd directly. It was via you. I tried to contact the travel agency and the actual contact person he suggested and never heard back from them. Then we were off the wait list and going with the ship.

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