1-06-2013 Day 2 At Sea

SO MUCH FUN!!!  It felt like “old home week” this whole day.  Kept running into people we had met on the 2010 World Cruise.  Knew the faces, but couldn’t remember the names for many of them – others we had kept up with and were now re-connecting after three years. 

As in the past, it was a “full day” of potential activities . . and of course, I had to sample many of them!  Began with “Good Morning Amsterdam” at 9:30 – an every sea day gathering with the cruise director and cruise hostess (and most days cruise management or special guests.)  Today was a welcome back get- together.  Bruce, the cruise director, was on our 2010 trip. 

10:15 was the introduction to the two bridge groups – beginners and intermediates.  I found a partner who enjoys party bridge, not duplicate, so I’m ready to go. 

11:15 cooking demo with a new chef on the ship – Kevin.  He was terrific.  He was formerly an art major who loved colors and textures.  He has taken that same interest to food and while not a baker, he enjoys cooking with intriguing flavors.  He showed us how to make Steak Diane – it’s all in the sauce!  Also, we had samples of Grand Marnier chocolate volcano cake.  Great way to begin the day!  Got recipes for both.  Cooking tip of the day:  only use unsalted butter when cooking.  It is fresher than regular butter and you can always add salt.  When butter has sat on the shelf for a while, they add salt to preserve it longer. 

Doug met the “Techspert” who answers all your computer questions.  He also teaches classes, so Doug will be spending a lot of his time in the Digital Workshop room!

We spent the afternoon trying to get unpacked.  Doug was successful, but I still had stacks of stuff to put away – although I did get everything out of the suitcases so they could be put in storage.  But it was getting P1000291to be time for dinner and I knew our room stewards would fold down our bed, so I did the only thing I could think of – put my stacks in the tub until after dinner!!  I hate to think what our room stewards said after finishing our room for the night! 

At dinner, we all mixed up so that we could talk to different people.  Nothing of great interest to report. 

Doug went to the evening’s entertainment which featured Joe Yannetty, a comedian.  He didn’t think he was all that great.  Meanwhile I spent my time getting my stuff out of the tub!

It was a fun day of old and new – seeing people we knew from before on a familiar ship while meeting new and interesting people. 


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